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Food Storage Planner 5.02

It helps you plan your household purchasing and manage your food storage
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Food Storage Planner is a program that helps you plan your household purchasing and manage your food storage. It will maximize nutritional quality and eliminate waste. The program offers you create Pantry, Recipe Book, and Menu plan. Using it you’ll be able to make all planning from every day menu to long term basic storage. It keeps a record of estimated and actual cost of all items, where they are purchased, expiration dates, shopping lists for needed items, and summaries of total inventory.
Food Storage Planner offers you Pantry planning wizard. So, you should just enter the members of your family, then enter the food storage period (it can be weeks, months, or years), and the program will calculate your needs for the period you have pointed out. Then the shopping list with items list, cost and quantity will appear. Also you can add vendor’s name and priority (standard, survival, and luxury). You can sort your pantry by prices, vendors, shelf life, location, nutrition, and so on. Food Storage Planner if fully customizable. The Recipe book lets you enter your favorite recipes and match them with the items in the Pantry option. Besides, it is possible to make and print food storage labels.

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  • Easy to use
  • Help to eliminate waste
  • For short and long term food storage period
  • Fully customizable
  • Planning wizard


  • Requires much time to enter the information and keep it up to date
  • Not free
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